File Sync – Dropbox vs Skydrive

There are several file synchronization tools out there which are great for syncing files across your many devices.  I would like to highlight two of my favorite.

SkyDrive – Microsoft Skydive requires a live account.  The biggest plus of the Skydrive is that it is compatible across many devices and platforms: tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktops, web apps, windows, mac, linux, iOS, android, etc.  The web app for Skydrive works beautifully with Microsoft Office documents which still seems to be the industry standard across the board.  The Skydrive also works with documents created in free programs such as Libre Office or Open Office.  Bottom Line:  All my documents which are non sensitive go into my Skydrive.

Dropbox – Dropbox seems was the first big player in file sync technologies and seem to have the most buy in across the industry.  Load of applications work with Dropbox and the Dropbox API.  Smartphones can upload straight to Dropbox, you can send an email an have the attachment show up in Dropbox, and it also works across all the major device platforms.